Sudoku Sniper

Sudoku Sniper 1.0

Multiplayer edition of Sudoku for Pocket PCs

Sudoku Sniper is an innovative variation of Sudoku pioneered by DKM Software. It pits you against another player where you both attempt to solve the same puzzle simultaneously. As you enter a number in a cell, it appears in your opponent's grid. Once the puzzle is solved, the winner is determined by the player who scores the most points. Points are lost for incorrect entries and there are also bonus points on offer. The same rules as Sudoku apply - each row, column and block must contain the digits "1" to "9".

Features of the game include:

  • Play against your friends (requires Bluetooth connectivity)
  • Choose from six computer opponents to challenge all skill levels
  • Four grades of puzzles to choose from
  • An unlimited supply of carefully crafted puzzles - play as often as you like
  • All you need is logic (and speed) - no guessing required!
  • Customize the play area with your own colors
  • Use a "pencil" to mark possible numbers in a cell
  • Choose how you wish to enter numbers - via selected cell or selected number
  • Use navigation buttons to navigate the grid
  • Use external keyboard to enter numbers
  • Elegant, clean design uses very little system memory

Designed to keep your brain cells and fingers alert

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Sudoku Sniper


Sudoku Sniper 1.0

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